Advertising Chairs & Tables

Brand chairs, tables, parasoles...

Advertising on chairs, tables and parasols are extremely effective and highly cost-effective form of promoting your own company or brand as and to the extent that the client wants.
Chigo Contract provides its customers with minimal investment to brand your furniture for exterior and interior as well as beach parasoles, on virtually all types of materials.
By using top-quality technology it is possible branding of furniture and equipment of cloth, netting (mash), plastic, metal, leather and eco-leather. Wooden chairs are brand TON technique of engraving and cutting


Branding SM France plates

SM France company offers two different types of branding their records for the tables – PERSO and EASY PERSO.
Branding PERSO board is prepared according to the preparation of the submitted file and the 100 percent solution submitted is identical in construction. For branding PERSO board is required letter of authorization to print the owner of the design. The cost of making the first copy of PERSO board is 250 euros plus postal costs. With Easy PERSO model is possible by the desire to brend that is offered in 16 pre-defined colors, 4 different background and 13 dimensions. Branding Easy PERSO board is not charged separately. Layout of SM France tables will be delivered in. tiff file in, and a resolution of 300 dpi. Dimensions should be prepared for the 8 cm greater than the dimensions of plates that are brands.

Perso Perso Easy Perso